Biggest Festivals and Cultural Events in Bulgaria This Year

June 12th 2017 09:06 am


 Are you visiting Bulgaria anytime soon? Here’s a look at the top cultural events and festivals to attend in Bulgaria. But first, did you book your flight from Dublin to Bourgas yet? You will find information on a plenty of cheap Bulgarian flights here on this website.

Kapana Fest

Kapana Fest is organized from 2-4 June every year at Plovdiv. This festival is named after the district of Kapana. There are a number of small streets in Kapana through which the festival takes place. The place has a great vibe during this time and everyone has a lot of fun, singing and dancing to music. Local artisans display their crafts and urban art. Many shows and concerts are organized as well. You will find more information about this festival here.

 Balkan Folk

The Balkan Folk festival is organized from 11-21 May in Veliko Turnovo. This is a part of the Euro Folk, which organises festivals in a number of European countries throughout the year. Tens of thousands of singers and musicians participate in this festival every year, in one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities. You will find more information about this festival here.

 Balkan Festival of Flavors and Rhythms Tabiet

The Balkan Festival of Flavors and Rhythms Tabiet is organised from 18-21 May every year in Plovdiv. In this festival, you will music, art and dances and more all at one place. A specialty of this festival is the culinary art. You will have the finest dishes from all across Bulgaria, or all varieties. You will find more information about this festival  here 

Bulgarian Plum Festival

The Bulgarian Plum Festival is held from 22-24 September at Troyan. This festival celebrates the principle occupation of the region of Troyan, which involves agriculture and specifically, making rakia, the national drink of Bulgaria and cultivation of plums. You will find a wide variety of arts and crafts displayed here. You will find more information about this festival at

Wines of the Ages 2017

Wines of the Ages is a new festival, which will be held from 22-24 September in Plovdiv. The festival is hosted by Radio Tangra Mega Rock. It features exhibits from over 40 wineries across Bulgaria. You will have rock concerts taking place alongside called as the Sounds of Ages. You will have several opportunities to taste and buy wines of your choice. You will find all the information you need about this festival here: on Facebook.

 Travel & Tourism Conferences and Exhibitions

Travel & Tourism Conferences and Exhibitions is another popular event usually held from 30-31 March. It is organised by the Travel Academy at the RIU Pravets Golf & Spa Resort at Pravets. Travel Academy is a B2B conference for international tourism executives. You will have a number of professionals from travel agencies, hotels and restaurants participating in discussions, seminars and debates in this event. You can find more information about this event at and can register here,, should you want to.

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