5 Things You Will Like About Bulgaria

November 11th 2016 01:11 pm


5 Things You Will Like About Bulgaria

As you book your flight to Bulgaria, there’s probably a question in the back of your mind – will I like Bulgaria, or will I hate it completely? Well, you will LOVE Bulgaria, and here’s why...

Reason #1: It’s Ridiculously Cheap!

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in the world. The average salary in Bulgaria is between €300 and €600/month, and average expenses per month are even lower. So a movie ticket costs €5, a meal at a nice restaurant costs €3 and a cab ride costs €2.

 You can book a hotel room for €45 for 5 nights, if you like. A gin or a tonic at a bar cost €3. You can buy a data card to use the internet for just €5. You can get a room in Sofia on Airbnb for just €20 to €30. Really, you won’t find another country in Europe that is so cheap.

Reason #2: It’s Reasonably Safe

Bulgaria is a very safe country. Politically, Bulgaria is very stable. It is an open democracy and you certainly don’t see the sort of political demonstrations that you may have seen in Athens, Greece.  It has a very low crime rate.

Women can walk alone late at night at 1 am in Bulgaria without any problem whatsoever. Crimes against women are a rarity here. Of course, you mustn’t do anything stupid. Take your precautions during your visit and you will be fine. 

Reason #3: The Bulgarian Cuisine is Great!

You will love the food in Bulgaria, it’s really delicious, sumptuous and healthy. You will love delicious Bulgarian dishes such as the Shopska Salad, which is full of healthy and tasty veggies such as cucumber, tomato, with onion, cheese and parsley mix. It adds very little calories and is the ultimate weight loss food.

You will like the banitsa, which is a greasy, crispy and tasty baked pastry filled with onions, eggs and potato. You will like ayran – the Bulgarian yoghurt drink. This is the best yoghurt you will have had anywhere. While at it, don’t miss the Bulgarian lyutenitsa, the Bulgarian kyufte, and finish your meal with a few rounds of rakia, the most popular alcoholic drink in Bulgaria.

Reason #4: Bulgarians are Really Friendly!

Bulgarians are among the friendliest people you will ever meet. You will never feel alone or lonely in Bulgaria. There is always someone to invite you over to have food or share a drink.

Travelling in public transport in Bulgaria is always interesting because there are always a lot of people who will want to engage with you in a conversation, especially after they find out that you are a foreign tourist.

Most Bulgarians speak decent English, so there is nothing lost in the translation. You will make lots of friends in Bulgaria and will be invited out every night by someone, whether for dinner or to a party.

 Reason #5: It is Europe’s Best Kept Secret!

The best thing about Bulgaria is that it is still underexplored. You won’t find too many tourists there, except in Varna and Sofia. This is really great, because you will have the whole country for yourself. For this reason, Bulgaria is often referred to as Europe’s best kept secret. 

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