5 Things to Do and See in Bulgaria in 2017

January 23rd 2017 02:01 pm


 5 Things to Do and See in Bulgaria in 2017

It’s really cold in Bulgaria at this time of the year, but the country is in high spirits. 2016 was a year of record tourism to Bulgaria, with over 8 million foreign tourists making their way to the country. There are today flights to Bulgaria from virtually every major city in Europe, including flight Dublin to Bulgaria.

So, it’s 2017. What to do and see in Bulgaria during this time of the year? There’s a plenty of quality stuff you can do. Let’s find out!

#1: Party at Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is easily the most popular beach resort on Eastern Europe. It is the party capital of the region, there’s always a party on here. The place is dotted with some of the most happening nightclubs in this part of the world.

There are major celebrities from the music industry that perform here every year. Millions of foreign tourists, most of them young people, make their way to Sunny Beach every summer. Right now, the area is practically deserted because of the winter, but we expect things to pick up soon as the snow clears up and the temperatures get higher.

#2: Go on a kayaking experience at the Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea Coast is over 300 miles long and it has plenty of spots where you can go on a kayaking adventure. You will love going on a kayak at dawn at the Black Sea Coast, especially at Kaverna. There is no better feeling than watching the sunrise at the same time as you are on the kayak.  It’s a view you will never forget.

#3: Explore the caves at the Northern Black Sea Coast

The Northern Black Sea Coast is dotted with a number of caves, as many as 100 of them at the Yaylata” Natural Reserve. The coast at Tyulenovo is worth a visit, as are the Kaliakra Cape and the Bolata beach. 

You will love exploring this part of the Black Sea Coast as it is not crowded with tourists, so you will have a plenty of calm and quiet for yourself. It’s a great place to meditate or pray, on contemplate on the meaning of life. This region is notable for the vast sunflower fields that look truly spectacular during sunset.

#4: Mountain Biking on the Rhodope Mountains

One of the most exciting things you can do is to go on a cross country biking trip of the Rhodope Mountains. You will find love the natural scenery on this tour, even as you pass through a number of beautiful villages. Stop by to have a sumptuous Bulgarian meal and as you reach the top of the Rhodope Mountains, dip into a hot mineral water pool. This is one experience you will remember forever, long after your trip.

#5: Make your way to the Momchilova Fortress

The Momchilova Fortress is a stunning fortress on top of a high hill in the Rhodope Mountains. It’s at a walking distance from a quiet village called as Gradat. The fortress offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. One of the popular activities here is to watch short movies projected onto a rock, giving you a special view of the Rhodope.


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